Thursday, August 26, 2010

OP75 Band of Brothers - Celebrating 36 years Budak Boys Esprit De Corps

It's cool..... after almost 1 year, I finally have the guts to reblog ..... a good friend OP JOs requested I write a page for the upcoming Berita OPA, actually I am very reluctant, because I don't have the flair in writing, unlike OP Ajit whom we (meaning OP75) consider as a master writer. Most of my writings are bland and just plain, there is no ummmphh.

Anyway, this morning, I
just sat infront of the PC, and just start hitting the keyboard. It's the first draft, just a photo essay, since a picture is worth thousand words. Then it crosses my mind, why don't I put up on my blog, since my blog has been idle for almost a year now. Just too busy in the desert and also becoming a grandpa, it's not easy man.

So whether the editor of Berita OPA likes my writing and publish it in the upcoming Berita OPA, I will do myself justice, I will publish it here. I have chosen 2 topics to go with the photo essay:

1. 36 years on – OP75 Band of Brothers bonding getting stronger

2. OP75 Band of Brothers - Celebrating 36 years Budak Boys Esprit De Corps

From a group of self confident 15 & 16 year olds, who came together in 1975 from all over Malaysia, it has been 36 years celebrating our comradeship & esprit de corps, and the bond is getting stronger.

From simple monthly get together TTS to celebrating weddings, be it the OP75 sons and daughters or even the young at heart OP75, we continue to foster our friendship & esprit de corps.

Beside the joy and laughter celebrating OP75 Band of Brothers comradeship, when the need arises, true to the OP75 Band of Brothers esprit de corps, we come together to provide moral & financial support, thus further strengthening our bond & friendship.

OP75 Band of Brothers – we look forward to celebrate life and remain the 15 & 16 year olds who came together in 1975 to join RMC as Budak Boys Puteras.

OP75 Band of Brothers - at the OPA Annual Dinner 2010

Fruit season at OP Shah orchard Goat City Batang Kali.

TTS - at Kuantan - OP Mat Batcha, OP Malik, OP Mood, OP Mahmud, OP Rafdzi

OP Malik daughter wedding at Balok - in attendance OP Malik Zaid, OP Hishamudin, OP Malik the bride father, OP Mat Thani, OP Mood

OP Adib daughter wedding reception at Lumut.

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